We are not in the “training” business, we are in the coaching business.

Everyone can “sell” training, what separates us at The Bridge is the quality of our coaching and the level of focused instruction we give you while supporting you on your journey.

On Location Training

Full-scale coaching and strength and conditioning includes the following:
  • Experience: You’ll be working with coaches who have trained world-class athletes of all ages in over 23 sports world-wide, actors, military and corporate wellness.Performance Assessments: Pre-post analysis of movement quality, speed, agility, strength, power, etc.)
  • Customized Programming: Designed and adapted for both the weight room and field of competition. (modified by training age, sport, injury history, goals, needs, and level of competition.
  • Focused Coaching Summaries and Take-Homes: Breakdown of strengths, weaknesses, what was worked on and suggestions for the future performance improvement and optimization.
  • Privacy and Access: Whether you like working in groups or privately, we have fully outfitted weight-rooms ranging from smaller more rugged “garage” settings or larger, more open environments. We also provide field access for sport-related movement skills work and/or conditioning.

On Line

Regardless of whether you decide to work with our certified strength and conditioning coaches in person, or online, our performance training services are both research backed and tailored to the committed professional.
The term “high-performer” refers to both the elite athlete and the traveling entrepreneur. No matter your vocation, we are here to help. The only thing we ask for is your full commitment. Serious inquiries only, please.
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