Brett Bartholomew: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Author  Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker.

Brett is the author of the international best-selling book “Conscious Coaching.”
In creating The Bridge Human Performance®, Brett’s goal was to unify coaches and performance professionals worldwide who are looking to further their own personal and professional development for the betterment of those they serve and the families they support.

Founder of The Bridge Human Performance®

Having experienced both the highly divisive and hyper-competitive worlds of human performance and business first hand,

Brett quickly realized the that leaders and educators from every domain- needed to adopt a new approach, one hallmarked by collaboration, if they hoped to provide true value to others and leave a lasting legacy in their respective field.
The touchstone of this new approach is the interconnected and supportive environment that only The Bridge provides. It is through this network of dedicated professionals, whereby those who are dedicated to not only mastering their craft but driving it forward, can openly exchange ideas, strategies and provide guidance to those hoping to one day carry the torch themselves.
By connecting some of the world’s foremost professionals, as well as members of the next generation of leadership, Brett has assembled a team of mentors and hungry students that are both dedicated to, and capable of helping any individual or business evolve, and bridge the gap between where they once were, and the future they hope to attain.
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